Xamarin.Forms Application

This application shows how to take benefits of Xamarin.Forms platform to build cross platform apps that shares not only the business code but also the UI.

The source code is on GitHub: github.com/HoussemDellai/AutomobileTnCrossPlatforms

Screenshots for the Android App:

Screenshots for the Windows Phone App:

Windows Store Http Client – Project Template

A sample project template that shows how to consume Web API web services (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE) using a Windows Store 8.1 client.

Windows Phone & ASP.NET Web API training [Arabic]

Windows Phone Http Client – Project Template

A sample project template that shows how to consume Web API web services (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE) using a Windows Phone 8.1 client.


AutomobileTn on Github

AutomobileTn is a mobile application that shows the price of cars in Tunisia. It’s published on the Windows Phone Store : http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/automobiletn/b5036b3c-b541-4514-9ada-8f4495ea653e and the Windows Store : http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/fr-ca/app/automobiletn/accbc491-300c-49b0-b03c-7ebf60abd73b

Features : This app shows how to create roaming data for both Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. Download and parse XML and JSON files. Share more than 90% of the business code between Windows Phone and Windows Store.


//Publish/ Satellite in Tunisia


Bring your existing app and game projects to Microsoft’s //publish/ event to code with developers from around the world. Collaborate and get help with app design, performance, testing, publishing, porting from Unity – you name it. It’s an overnight event devoted to getting your app up and running smoothly on Windows phones, tablets, and PCs.

Register here to win a Nokia Lumia 1520 and a Dell Venue Tablet.

SystemTray properties makes your app looks nifty.

SystemTray is a nice feature in Windows Phone that can make your application looks nifty or ugly. In the following article on codeproject.com, I show how to use it appropriately.


Ferrari Magazine source code on Github

Source code for Ferrari Magazine which is available for Windows Phone Store and Windows Store is available as opensource on Github.

https://github.com/HoussemDellai/Ferrari git

Ferrari Magazine is now on Windows Phone 8

Ferrari used to be one of the most prestigious and emotional cars over many years. If you want to stay updated with their news, then you may want to try my Windows Phone 8 : Ferrari Magazine.


Ferrari Magazine in the Windows Store

You want to buy a Ferrari sport car, but sure you can’t ! Now you can at least have an application to follow with everything related to that legendary brand.. Scuderia Ferrari

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